About Readyprice

ReadyPrice started from a desire to take a robust system out to all mortgage bankers that was affordable and allowed them to compete in today’s fast-paced complex market. The system that was originally built as a white label solution for banks and mortgage bankers was fine tuned for use by anyone wanting a plug and play, powerful solution for their banking or wholesale channel.

ReadyPrice is the mortgage banking LOS, PPE and CMS for today’s banker with an eye on tomorrow, offering a fully integrated system for all levels of bankers at a fraction of the cost of existing systems. Our no-frills, high thrills solution can help you expand your mortgage banking business so you can spend time making your margins instead of cutting corners to get by.


Our Mortgage Banking Loan Operating Software has been running for decades and has completed well over 100,000 transactions. Previously only available as a private label solution for banks and mortgage bankers, it’s now available to everyone.


Our Product and Pricing Engine allows your originators, processors, capital markets and staff to easily manage the products you offer – on your terms. Better yet, you control eligibility based on guidelines and overlays from one – or thirty-one – of your investors all in one place.


The Customer Management System offers a way to manage the customer experience and communications quickly and easily throughout the process. No fancy fluff here – just automated, concise, effective communications to make the borrower (or broker) experience one they’ll rave about. All configurations can be based upon roles and allows for one-click notifications of status changes.



The loan officer dashboard allows for your loan officers – or brokers – to track productivity, notifications, and alerts. The dashboard also has the ability to track sales calls, and allows managers and executives to look at the business holistically across multiple originators, brokers, branches or regions.

Our Team




Rick has always been a bit of a rebel. He has owned and operated some of the most successful regional retail and large national wholesale lenders in the country. More than twenty years ago he created what today is an online mortgage bank during the dot com boom, using it for his own companies and white labeling it for big banks and wholesalers. Now the time has come to offer this solution to every mortgage banker as an affordable, turn-key (but customizable) solution for the everyman lender.

Today Rick is out of the lending game, and “all-in” on providing technology to bankers who want to get out from under the behemoth technology companies most feel that they have no choice but to use. Gone are the days of an LOS or PPE dominating or controlling our business.




Lincoln is a business technology and strategy leader with over 20 years of experience at companies like Axon, Proteus Digital health, Alliance Data, Apigee, VMWare, Visa and CyberSource. He is a strategic technical manager with a strong business acumen, product development, and communication skills, and leads the operations and development teams at ReadyPrice.

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